Kanimbla Executive

Field Officers

Warren McPherson (President)
Gary East
Sallyanne Pisk
Jill Bell
Rob Aalders
Caleb Collins
Jim Commens

Jim Commens (Captain)*
Chris Mills (Senior Deputy Captain)*
Gary East (Deputy Captain)
Warren McPherson (Deputy Captain)*
Guy Tesoriero (Deputy Captain)

* Fire Permit Officers

Administration Officers

                                    • Warren McPherson (President)
                                    • Jill Bell (Secretary and Community Liaison)
                                    • Sallyanne Pisk (Treasurer)
                                    • Caleb Collins (Equipment -Mechanical)
                                    • Rob Aalders (Equipment- Communications)
                                    • Chris Mills (Training)
                                    • Carolyn McPherson (Call-out)
                                    • All qualified Crew Leaders (Workplace Health and Safety)
                                    • Greg Muir (Catering and Shed Maintenance)
                                    • Paul Streeter (Shed Maintenance and Equipment support