Our Story

Kanimbla Volunteer Bushfire Brigade | Since 1960


Some Fact About Us


RFS Region East, Chifley District

Fire Control Centre

Lithgow is our local Fire Control Centre


We have 3 light manoeuvrable trucks and one Toyota Landcruiser.

Where it all began.

The Kanimbla Volunteer Bushfire Brigade was founded in the 1960s by local farmers George Stoneman, Keith Muir, Pat Hennessy (senior) and Pat Hennessy (Junior). They were soon joined by Ross Fragar, Guy Tesoriero, Charles Johnson and others. Several of the early members’ offspring still serve in the brigade. The founders fitted out a trailer with a tank and water pump which was pulled behind private vehicles. Later George Stoneman donated a Chevrolet “Blitz” truck similar to one in the photograph to the right. The Brigade later obtained a 1945 ex-Army Studebaker truck which was converted into a tanker. The trucks have been housed in a shed on council land since 1972. The site is now the location of our current fire shed at the corner of Cox’s River Road and Blackheath Creek Road.

The Early Years

During the early years, call-outs were by land-line, and the uniform was whatever you were wearing at the time. In the days before radio networks, GPS and weather instruments, the Brigade used maps, compasses and the sight of smoke for navigation. Fire trails were few and far between and the techniques used, were practical although probably primitive by today’s standards. Hartley and Clarence soon followed Kanimbla in creating local brigades.

Our Operations

Our Brigade, the Kanimbla Volunteer Bush Fire Brigade is in the RFS Region East, Chifley District. Lithgow is our local Fire Control Centre (FCC). The Kanimbla Volunteer Bushfire Brigade has 3 light manoeuvrable trucks and one Toyota Landcruiser which suits the steep terrain and heavily wooded ground in Kanimbla. We have 49 members of which 13 are Associates, 8 Ordinary and 28 Active.

We have a structured training session and a BBQ on the first Sunday of February, May, August and November and unstructured training on the afternoon ofthe first Sunday in the other months. General and Executive meetings are open to all and usually held at 19:30 to allow everyone to attend. The brigade believes in frank and open communication within the group and with our community at large.