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If the obligations of Brigade membership are too stressful now due to other pressures, you can always donate to the Brigade directly through the RFS or by supporting the RFSA lottery. You can donate directly to the Kanimbla Brigade by contact Sallyanne Pisk (Treasurer) using the following email address. sallyanne_pisk@bigpond.com or donate directly to our Westpac bank account. The account name is Kanimbla Volunteer RFB, BSB 032 001 Account: 171609

Why Volunteer?

Everything you need to know about volunteering.

You can join the Kanimbla Volunteer Bush Fire Brigade for reasons such as Protecting your:

  • Community.
  • Family.
  • Friends.
  • Home.
  • Assets, and
  • Lifestyle.

You can learn new and valuable skills that will help you:

  • As an RFS volunteer.
  • In your day to day life.
  • In your workplace.

You will:

  • Meet people you wouldn’t normally meet.
  • Become part of an organisation with an impressive history.

The brigade relies on a team of dedicated men and women to carry out important duties.

You can play a role in the following fields within the RFS:

Within Kanimbla Brigade:

  • Fire fighting.
  • Equipment Maintenance.
  • Training.
  • Administration.
  • Community Engagement and Education.
  • Catering.

Within Broader RFS roles

  • Operational Logistics Support.
  • Communications.
  • Welfare Support.
  • Youth Development.

Volunteering FAQs

For advice and help, please call:
  • Community Liaison: Jill Bell – 0413 346 615
  • Crew Leader:  Rob Aalders – 0408 619 566
The RFS needs volunteers for many other roles besides fire fighting.

The NSW RFS web site provides information about becoming a volunteer and covers:-

  • Joining – how you can join and the application process.
  • Roles you can play.
  • What you can expect from the RFS.
  • How you are protected.


The NSW Rural Fire Service Association (RFSA) is recognised as the representative association of the volunteers and staff. Its primary purpose is “Supporting our members to protect the community”. The RFSA is the Authoritative Voice representing NSW RFS volunteers. The RFSA is managed by its members. The RFSA supports volunteers through:

  • An annual grants program open to RFS Brigades and units throughout NSW.
  • Sponsoring training exercises
  • Sponsoring RFS NSW events like Volunteers Family Days
  • Providing educational scholarships, chaplaincy, counselling and family support.
  • An Honours and Awards program
For more information click RFSA
To make life easy for volunteers in full-time employment, the RFS and the Kanimbla Brigade:
  •  Schedule all formal and informal training on weekends.
  • Deliver structured training to acquire qualifications on weekends or by using web-based training systems.
  • Schedule all meetings and briefings for the early evening (19:30).
  • Schedule the Annual General Meeting on a weekend.
  • You will need Bush Fire Fighter (BF) or Bush Fire Support (BFS) training as a Foundation Qualification. This qualification will provide basic through to intermediate skills and knowledge needed to work under direct supervision within a team or crew.
  • The NSW RFS offers a wide variety of Foundation and Advanced training programs that cover the different operational and non-operational needs of the Service.
  • To obtain the very comprehensive Training Information booklet click on  TRAINING INFORMATION BOOKLET
  • The Kanimbla Brigade would like volunteers to attend as much training as they can for their own safety.
  • The Brigade expects members to attend a minimum of 2 structured training days and 4 unstructured training days each year. These are held on Sunday afternoons.
  • The Brigade carries out structured training as a group between 12:00 and 17:00 on Sunday afternoons in February, May, August and November. 
  • The Brigade offers one on one training to colleagues on the first Sunday afternoon of other months to instruct them in areas they are unsure of.
  • The Brigade holds an equipment maintenance day between 14:00 and 17:00 on the first Tuesday in February, April, July and October.
  • The Kanimbla Volunteer Bushfire Brigade takes member training attendance into account when it is called out.
  • If the Brigade has not seen a member for a year, it worries about the member’s skill currency and its potential impact on crew safety.
  • The Commonwealth Fair Work Act 2009 No. 28 entitles employees to take community service leave.
  • This means you may take leave to work in an emergency service like the RFS.
  • During serious fires , the NSW Government can issue a Volunteer Protection Order.
  • It is then illegal for an employer to unfavourably change the employment conditions of a volunteer covered by the order.
  • For further detail, refer to the Fair Work Ombudsman Community Service web-page below: 
  • The RFS encourages, recognises and supports employers to release employees for RFS duties.

For more information click on FAIR WORK AUSTRALIA


Roles that do not require you to fight fires occur in the following positions and roles:

  • Technology Officer.
  • Catering.
  • Call-out management.
  • Equipment maintenance.
  • Administration.
  • Communications.
  • Community Engagement and Education.
  • Training.
  • Operations Logistics Support.
  • Welfare Support.
  • Youth Development.