Operations Activity #1

The story of our Black Summer needs little re-telling. Kanimbla was strongly committed on the The Gospers Mountain fire, which has burnt through more than 512,000 hectares after igniting on October 26 and took 79 days of fire-fighting before it was over. However, for the Kanimbla Brigade the fires started with a big call-out to Lidsdale in September and our last call out was on Australia Day. Kanimbla crews responded to 6 emergency calls, 50 standard call-outs of which 39 were in December. The crews worked 12 hour shifts not counting travel time – and given Glen Davis is some distance away we had some long days – well supported by our shed-crew and our community. We were rewarded with the benefit that the mega-fire never crossed into Kanimbla though it came into Mt. Victoria and Blackheath.

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